Should My Business Launch a Social Media Campaign?

Most businesses can benefit from connecting with consumers in interactive arenas.  Research has shown that social media marketing models can be as effective or more than tradional marketing techniques.

These days, informed consumers want to connect in ways that underscore their core interests and values.  New digital platforms (Facebook, Twitter, blogging, Google+, Pinterest, etc.) allow for this type of interaction,  keeping consumers engaged in the ongoing conversation of a company or organization.  It feels more personal and interactive, and consumers love that.   Transparency and accessibility are all part of what we now find appealing as consumers.

Each social media campaign should be carefully crafted to authentically represent a company’s communication needs, and not every plan suits every company’s personality or communication needs.  For instance, I have one client who does very well with Facebook and blogging, but Twitter has shown not to be the right fit for them.

There’s an art to social media.  Remember that when your business decides to engage in a social media platform, it is developing an ongoing relationship with an online community of clients, customers or fans, depending on the situation.  Consumers are smart, so they’ll know when content has been published just for the sake of posting.  Conversely, they’ll engage when they feel the enthusiasm of a company that is willing to share information and provide interesting content.