Leverage the Power of Digital Communications

Website Design and Development

Your website is your “digital brochure” and one of your most powerful marketing tools. On Trend designs and builds responsive, streamlined and affordable websites with compelling content.

Once your website is created, we offer development as needed and desired, with the ultimate goal of continuing to build your key website communications and fold in engaging content, all of which are key to organically improving search engine optimization (SEO) and increase website traffic.

We also provide easy, hands-on tutorials so you can manage your own website, if desired. This economical option is neither complicated nor difficult to learn, and it empowers you – as the website owner – to update your website in real time, without added fees or reliance on third-parties.

Digital News

Digital media publishing is a must-have communications tool for many businesses We provide all the elements of editorial design – from layout, structure, content and graphics to production – to deliver eye-catching visuals and great content.

Blog Management

Blogs are a great tool for bringing traffic to your website. A good blog provides engaging content in a succinct way, setting your business apart from others.

Blog modules installations are available for existing websites and we provide technical support, best practices for content, ways to measure metrics and more.

Copywriting and Editing

We provide copywriting and editing services for websites, e-news, social media and all of your online communications.

Product Photography

Strong visuals are key for credibility on a website. Our photography and post-editing services provide compelling visuals.

Social Media Management

Consistently telling your story grows your audience. Getting your brand out there at regular intervals is one of the keys to success in marketing. There are many effective strategies to keep your brand in the public eye. On Trend can provide ongoing social media communications for your business, to build your brand and increase your online visibility.

Social media content is tailored to the specific nature of your business. We will guide you in choosing the right social media platforms to focus on based on your business’ specific needs, outlining the advantages of each to help you determine what works best for your specific business goals. Together we will create an effective strategy for building your audience.

Brand Communications

A clear, cohesive brand and visual consistency across all media platforms are integral to building brand identity. We provide strategies for clear, cohesive messaging in all of your digital communications.


We offer consultation on any of the services we offer. Let’s have a conversation.